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    Virus Removal Service

    Is your computer terribly slow? Does it shows up strange pop up boxes time to time? Does it shut down suddenly for no apparent reason? These are obvious signs that your computer might have been infected with a virus or other type of malware. Well, fret not, because a computer infected with virus can be cleaned up with special virus removal service.

    If you suspect something is wrong with your computer, Help Me PC is here to help you out of those uncertain moments. While slow performance, abrupt shutting down, sudden reduction in disk space etc. may indicate virus, it’s better to run a thorough system scan and based on the scan result the best course of action of course will be to remove the virus as quickly as possible. Unnecessary delaying could lead to slower performance, data security issues and eventually data loss.

    However, help is just a click / phone call away! Our Virus Removal Service is very powerful as we use special tools to remove viruses, Trojans and spywares. Contact us and get unlimited on-site or in-house tech support and you will be free from all computer related worries. We offer a range of other services including computer repair, networking and email set up and iPhone and iPad data recovery.

    Through our special Virus Removal Service, the security experts at Help Me PC can quickly make your computer perfectly working in just a matter of time. We provide both on-site and in-house help ready based on your requirement. Our experts will attend your call within 24-hours and clean up your computer in no time. On the other hand if you prefer remote connection, our techies will remotely connect with your PC and will clean it up of all viruses, spyware and other threats. We can also help you install good antivirus software.

    Our Virus removal Service: Simply Best
    • Since we provide on-site service you don't have to take your computer elsewhere. It will be fixed in the luxury of your drawing room
    • Your computer will be cleaned up without any data loss.
    • We use powerful and effective tools to remove viruses, trojans, and spywares.
    • Our services are available round the clock, 24x7 at the right and affordable price.
    • Guaranteed Virus Removal

    So don’t worry! Just sit back and relax as a virus removal expert helps repair your PC and cleans it of all viruses.


    After shopping around for someone to setup our LAN including a server we were recommended to Help Me PC. Someone was out the next day as promised and quote back within a day. Combining the information we received when discussing our requirements with Shaun and the fact the price was within budget made our choice easy! 2 days later our new system was up and running and trouble free. We would have no hesitation in recommending Help Me PC to others just as they were to us.

    David Rutter from Pandoras Boxes

    I just want to say thank for your efficient, punctual, and friendly service. I appreciate your assitance in a variety of areas including changing email programs, upgrading my backup system, ensuring my anti-virus was sufficient, setting up my scanner and fax from my computer and arranging my VPN. It was also great to deal with someone you doesn’t use technical jargon so your instructions were easy to follow. I look forward to a continued working relatonship.

    Kim Francis-Pester from Western Port Bookkeeping